A Dive Into Time

The History of Aquastar


The book is now available for sale. It costs $95 and is now only available to buy through LULU.

There are no more signed copies. There were only 80 of those and they are now gone.

All books for the USA, Canada, Europe and the Rest of the World are available from LULU. LULU is a Print On Demand (POD) company in the USA who have relationships with printers around the world.

To ship a book from the USA is very, very expensive: $65 to Europe and $48 to Canada. Therefore the best option was to use LULU and have the books shipped from the region where they are purchased. This makes shipping much less expensive and also means no tax or import duty is payable. The quality of the books from LULU is as good as those that were printed in the USA. Depending on the printer there may be a very small white edge to pages with full page images. It depends on how the printers cut the bleed margins.

Printing and paper costs have increased recently. The LULU version of the book is now $95.

One advantage of Lulu is they very often have 10% and 15% discount codes. Just Google search for one before you buy.

LULU printed books will not be signed.

Here is the link to LULU.

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