There were a number of images that didn’t make it into the final version of the book. I have included them here as I think they add something extra to the Aquastar history.

Jacques Mayol wearing his Bentos 500 as he prepares to start his record breaking 100 Meters dive

Jacques Mayol wearing his Deepstar during training

Jacques Mayol and his Deepstar

There was an excellent documentary film released about Jacques Mayol in 2017 called: DOLPHIN MAN. If you are interested in Jacques and his achievements, it is well worth watching.

Another film that has achieved cult classic status is: Big Trouble In Little China, starring Kurt Russell. It may surprise you to find out that the watch his character, Jack Burton, wears is a Benthos II.

Jack Burton and his Benthos II

Jack Burton and his Benthos II

Dr. Eugenie Clark — nicknamed “The Shark Lady” — was a world authority on sharks and fish who built Mote Marine Laboratory in 1955. Clark pioneered the use of scuba diving as a way to collect scientific data and make observations while on expeditions around the world, starting in the 1940s. While her initial studies focused on triggerfish and filefish, discovering many previously unknown species (some of which were named in her honor), it was her shark studies that made her famous.

Here she is wearing her Deepstar.