Mesh Bracelet

If you have read my review on the Deepstar 2020 then you would have seen the image I included with the watch on a 20mm mesh bracelet. Rick Marei at Aquastar saw the photo and sent me a message saying there was a 22mm mesh on its way to me and what did I think about it. He was looking at bracelet options for the Deepstar and was considering this mesh. If people like it then Aquastar would consider making it available with the Aquastar logo on the clasp.

It arrived yesterday and rather than just post a couple of pics on the Aquastar groups about I thought it best to do a kind of a mini review.

So first up as they say in boxing: here is the tale of the tape. Length 6.125 inches (156 mm), width 22mm and thickness 3.3mm. Clasp length is 35mm. Weight as received was 85 grams. Even without the measurement, it feels like a substantial bracelet. And the quality and fit and finish is excellent.

I’ve included a picture with it against the 20mm mesh bracelet I have. It is as good a quality as that and it was an expensive bit of kit. Obvious differences is the 20mm bracelet has a deployant clasp whereas the one I received uses a push button folding clasp.

I was surprised when I opened the clasp and found a diver’s extension built into it. Definitely a bonus and very easy to deploy and relock.

The bracelet came with spring bars and it was a breeze to install.

I’ve had the 20mm mesh bracelet for quite a few years now and used it on a number of watches. I liked it but there was always one problem with it and that was it always seemed to pull the watch head towards one side of my wrist rather than centering it. This always struck me as odd because like the new mesh bracelet, it is sized by adding or removing the flat links. I always had an even number (2) on each side of the clasp ends. This meant that the bracelet was equi-spaced around the watch and I assumed it would balance it on my wrist. Nope, never did.

Just goes to show how wrists and bracelet clasps interact. On a normal clasp bracelet like those on the new mesh bracelet the curved inner part of the clasp never sits in the center of my wrist. I always size the bracelet so it is slightly offset. I find doing that centers the watch head on my wrist.

Hopefully people reading this are nodding their head in agreement rather than thinking: that boy Millar is a nutjob and obviously has the wrists of an alien from an obscure planet at the edge of the Crab Nebula.

And talking of resizing the bracelet. It involves removing or adding the flat links on either side of the clasp. And this is where I’m going to be brutally honest. They can be a pain in the arse to do. Sometimes pins are in to stay. I have 2 pin removal tools. First tool I used was only 22mm wide. I just couldn’t see to insert the pin into the hole. Second tool I used was a bit more fiddly but I managed to get the head of the pin out far enough to grab it with pliers. Took a bit of yanking on it but it came out eventually. The second one was easier because I split the bracelet away from the clasp and it made it more manageable. There are direction arrows stamped on the links, be sure to push the pin in the right direction. To be fair, though, every mesh bracelet and a few others with this type of pin have never been as easy to remove as the good old fashioned bracelet split pins of days gone by.

The old school split pin was tapered such that the friction fit was on one end of the hole, that way they were much easier to remove. One thing is for certain with this bracelet, you will never have to worry about it coming apart under any amount of abuse.

Removing pins aside, the nice thing about this bracelet is that it has a micro adjustment in the clasp which gives a little more than a link length of adjustment. I only had to remove one link to resize the bracelet  perfectly. Because the ‘as supplied’ length of the bracelet was just over 6 inches, it would not fit a wrist size over 7 inches. It would probably need to come with another 4 links or use longer mesh sections to bring it closer to 7 inches which is about the standard length for unsized bracelets.

So enough of all the waffle. What is it really like? Looks? I love it, but then I’m a fan of how mesh bracelets look so I’m a bit biased. I like the thicker mesh rather than the thinner ones you can get that actually have holes and a buckle like a regular strap and especially on a bigger watch like the Deepstar I just don’t think they would look as good. Comfort, yep, double thumbs up on that count. I’ve only worn it for a total of about 10 hours so far. Mesh, because of its construction,  is obviously not as flexible as say a Beads of Rice or Oyster style bracelet but it sits nice, feels great, doesn’t pull hairs and really adds something to a peeking out from just under the sleeve shot. I definitely think it gives the watch that ‘something a bit different’ look.Its not polished but at the same time its not brushed, I don’t really know how the describe the finish. Brushed kinda shiny, not really polished but not dull with a bit of sparkle in bits sometime depending on the light….erm, ah, well, ah, heck you know what I mean. I think it looks great.

And that’s about all there is to say. If you like the look of it write a comment where you saw the link to this review posted and if it gets positives then Aquastar may consider making it available as a bracelet option.